"There Are No Strangers Here"

Youth Ministry Information

"To form disciples who joyfully live out the mission of Jesus Christ"

Our Youth Ministry:

  • allows our teens to become more involved in our church community, share their time and talent, grow in their relationship with God and learn how to share their faith
  • encourages our teens to share their time and talent in at least one other ministry in the Church
  • meets in small groups with small group leaders (or mentors) at a time that is mutually convenient for members of the group 
  • celebrates as a community in a large group at different times throughout the year including service projects, planned social activites and other special events.  Forms, permission slips and calendars will be updated on the websites as they become available.

Summer Activities


Our youth ministry has taken mission trips to different parts of the country and abroad.  These trips help teens:

  • Gain a better understanding of people and their needs
  • Have a greater appreciation for what they have at home
  • Motivate them to perform more service and outreach upon return
  • Get excited about being Catholic and gain a greater understanding of their faith


We have attended many great conferences like, Steubenville, and Ave Maria.  These conferences help teens:

  • Gain a deeper understanding and love for their Catholic faith
  • Who are on their beginning walk with Christ
  • Who need strength to continue their journey
  • Who just want to rejoice in the many blessing they have received

We would love you to participate in our Youth Group.  Please complete the forms at the link below and submit to the Faith Formation Office.  We will contact you with your small group information once group assignments have been established for the upcoming year.

Faith Formation Registration Form

Faith Formation - Additional Information