"There Are No Strangers Here"





Barbara O'Shea Bookkeeper/Office Manager 561-683-3555 X109
Ed Pelletier Head Sacristan 561-683-3555
Gail Kasprzyk Secretary/Bulletin 561-683-3555 x101
Gina-Marie Loree Director of Youth Ministry 561-683-3555 x 110
Josephine Riveccio Director of Religious Education 561-683-3555 x 104
Kevin Flinn Operations Manager 561-683-3555 x111
Magdalena Hernandez Asst to Religious Education 561-683-3555 x 104
Markus Barrameda Director of Music Ministry 561-683-3555 x 119
Martha Castellanos Parish Outreach 561-683-3555 x 108
Mercedes Nodarse-Rudin Parish Cantor 561-683-3555
Miguel Valentin Maintenance 561-683-3555
Prudence Endler Gift Shop/Parish Calendar 561-683-3555 x103