"There Are No Strangers Here"

Homily Series

Homily Series

The Upside Down Kingdom Homily Series / Week Two - Where the Least are the Greatest

Fr. Antony Pulikal, OCD 

Deacon Jacob Jaks

The Upside Down Kingdom Homily Series  / Week One - He made them Male and Female

Fr. Antony Pulikal, OCD (en español)

Deacon Jack Hamilton

Deacon Peter Mazzella


Fear and Faith - September 23, 2018

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time - July 8, 2018

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist - June 24, 2018 

Corpus Christi Homily - June 3, 2018

Ascension Sunday Homily - May 13,2018

Pentecost Sunday Homily - May 20, 2018